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Reality of The Bible Reality of The Bible

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Example of twisted logic


This is a great example of the twisted logic employed by many people to prove something that they are incapable of proving because of their incompetence. I just love the bit of circular logic that you quote (and yes, it is a quote because I've heard it many times before), and I just love the punchline. Talk about someone walking right into it.

I find this to be a great example of the stupidity of quacks -- not just religious fanatics but any other type of fanatic who cannot bear to even listen to the other side for fear of being proved wrong.


WTC - Superhero WTC - Superhero

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hit the nail on the head

Great illustration of the twisted logic of religious fanatics. Truth be told, I didn't see the ending coming, and it was hilarious as hell.

This is the kind of attitude that promotes racism, xenophobia, ignorance, etc. in the name of God, and you've accurately showed how stupid it is. Good job.

And to you blind protesters, stop treating God like Santa Claus. He deserves more respect than that!

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King of the Flies King of the Flies

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I've finally got around to seeing all your submissions. You're good, very good. As of this moment, you're my favorite artist on here and this is my favorite of your work. You have a unique style and vision that reaches into the subconscious. And I love the fact that you experiment with different styles and don't limit yourself to just one.

As for why I like think this is better than your others, it's more free-flowing and not restricted by the constraints of the narrative. It's a bad dream made real and it touches on a number of our inner fears.

Great work!

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Bible-Belt man! Bible-Belt man!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Actually, this *IS* a copy

Playing this "game" and reading the reviews, I have to agree with DUDE4U -- this is a copy of another game (or games). Only the sprites and segues have been changed. In fact, even the seques were unoriginal.
Well, at least you got to blow off some steam at those hypocrite Christains.
(I wish there were some fast-forward buttons so we could skip some of those boring games.)

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dagger-happy responds:

What the fuck are you talking about??? I drew, programmed and made every fucking inch of this game and I am unaware of any other games similar to it. Damn, I wish there was a delete button for some of these arsehole reviewers.